Learning English Vocabulary for TOEFL & IELTS

Build your vocabulary list

This app has a lot of cool features, you'll love them all. You can make your vocabulary list for learning by our methods

Enhance vocabulary list

1 - 504 absolutely essential words
2 - 125 more difficult words
3 - 1100 words you need to know
4 - build your vocabulary list

Edited list

You can edit and deleteyour vocabulary list

Better Reports

The app report your progress in lesson during eight days that you are quiezing your vocabulary

Offline Capability

Contents of application are offline.


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Beautiful Design

we collected important and essential Vocabulary in simple and beatifull design for TOEFL and IELTS.

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Why Choose Us?

Our app prepare a functional and easy design for users , they have a pleasure reading that its freely chosen and enthusiastically continue after it is assigned.

What will you get?

* You can access three popular vocabulary list that there are so important for any internatioanl exam and other prpose :
1 - 504 absolutely essential words
2 - 125 more difficult words
3 - 1100 words you need to know
* you can classify your words in endless group

How many days will you get trial?

Our app is free and

What can I do with this app?

* Make build vocabulary list and classified them
* Record all event and quize.
* You can set time of notification
* set speed of pronunciation of Words
* You can reset your record and favorites

How to use application ?

In this application and method, each word review in eight continuous days.
we suggested that the first review be done twenty minutes after learning. Seconding review done 24 hours after the first review and It will be done until the eighth day. When you quize the word from your self, if you know the meaning of word tap green tick button and if you don't know the meaning of word tap the false button.

What is other benfit by using application ?

In our application, we put together a collection of words from three famous books:
1 - 504 absolutely essential words
2 - 110 more difficult word
3 - 1110 word you must know
Also, you can make your personal vocabulary list, that you can see the percentage of your progress in each word and every lesson. You can also edit the word from time to time.

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